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Bugsicle Cover

Bugsicles named to the 2010 John Burroughs list for Outstanding Nature Books for Young Children
Boyds Mill Press, 2010

  How Do We Stay on EarthWhere Does The Sun Go At Night?

School Library Journal blog called  How Do We Stay on Earth?
one of the 10 best
graphic novels in 2011            Capstone  2011
 cover floating and sinkingmelting matter cover
What's It Made  Of?Where did the water go?
Solid or Liquid?Matter

Early Science Readers for K-2.
Rourke 2012
book how things work

How Things Work

Pull the tab, open the flap, learn how your stuff — your fridge and DVD player work.
Publications International 2006

Energy Sources for third grade and up. Rosen 2010
Geothermal Energy named to the  Junior Library Guild list.
Touch the Earth cover
A tactile book about the biomes,
Produced and published
by NASA. 2009
Wild Animals
Explore habitats and strategies of amazing wild animals
Publications International 2007
Reading A-Z!
Hubble CoverHermit CrabsPrivate spaceships    
2009              2010                  2012     
Lowell House Juvenile 2000
NSF 50th anniversary book
America's Investment in the Future

The National Science Foundation's 50th Anniversary Book. As part of a team of writers, I wrote several chapters. The book is available to download at the NSF website.
Government Printing Office

Booklet about the Himalays for WWF

The Eastern Himalayas, An Endangered Space

A booklet describing the rich flora and fauna of the Himalayan region, written for the World Wildlife Fund.
Age level: adult
Published in 2001
A CD Rom based environmental encyclopedia

Earth Explorer

A CD-Rom based, environmental encyclopedia with hundreds of articles, games, data sets, and movies. It came out in 1996, and won a Parents' Choice Award. I was a staff editor and writer.


CD-Rom Today
Earth Explorer: The Multimedia Encyclopedia of the Environment actually lives up to its lofty title. This CD-Rom is an example of educational programming at its best, presenting solid information in an intelligent and thought-provoking format.

Age level: 8-16
Published in 1996

Magazines include Highlights Here are some of my articles:
Playing Around and Around
Bats' Mysteries

I was also  staff writer and editor of Frontiers, the publication of the National Science Foundation.

And I edited the following books for Lowell House Juvenile, 2001:

Kitchen Experiments for 6-8 year-oldsExperiments for 6-8 year-olds