Life's Simple Rules
-- Unattributed (possibly AKTerletter)

Follow your dreams, and never give up,
never let anyone stand in your way.
Reach for the stars and never let go,
remember this from day to day.

Don't let people tell you you're not good enough,
don't let them put you down.
Set your standards high
and keep your feet on the ground.

Set your goals in life,
always keep them in mind.
For, if you forget or lose them,
they will be harder to find.

Think before you act,
it will go a long ways.
Otherwise you'll end up doing or speaking
something you did not want to say.

Don't be afraid to cry,
pain is real.
Just remember,
in time all your wounds will heal.

No love can ever promise you
the sun, the moon or the stars.
No one can ever buy your love
with money, diamonds or cars.

Love is something more,
something that comes from deep inside.
It is something you feel,
something you can not hide.

Don't turn away from those who love you,
don't push them aside.
These are a few rules
by which you must abide.