To a Literary Clipping Service

The following short letter, typed on a plain sheet of paper without letterhead, was sent by Don Blanding to a literary clipping service in New York State. I obtained it in 1988 when I purchased about 200 book reviews and other items from Dorothy Brandt, whose mother had founded the clipping service in 1929. Ms. Brandt was then in her 90s. The typist was Edith Hope Genee.

   1154 N. Ogden Drive, Hollywood 46 Calif.   May 27, 1950


         Thanks friends, for the various notations, but 
   I quit reading reviews about five books ago.  I canít
   get the approval of the intellectuals and I know what
   the rest of the people think by their response to my
   books.  I find the reviews simply disturb my own feeling
   of confidence and anyhow, it's not what people say about
   what I do that's what I do.

                                 Thank you.

   DB*EHG    [signed with bird]    Don Blanding
                                    May 28,1950

~ ~ ~

From "Private Don" - 1942

Here is a "bulletin" created by Don Blanding shortly after he re-enlisted in the Army as a private. On the reverse is a handwritten note.

Accompanying the document is a typed note, also signed "Private Don," that describes the genesis of "Soldier's Baby," a poem that was originally titled "To Gail." It appears in Blanding's 1943 book, Pilot Bails Out.

Cadia Los
1916 Pike Place #12-162
Seattle WA 98101

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