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the "codex" family includes....

(upper and lower cases)

(upper case, right-reading as well as reversed)

(lower case, right-reading and reversed)

(like a thief in the night)

(melded cases, right-reading as well as negative image)

(a delicate text font, upper and lower cases)

about the "codex" family...
magnify2.gif (295 bytes)

the "codex" family is available for the registration fee of

XV dollars ($15.00 USD)

(holy leonardo! that's just CCL pennies a font!)

to order the "codex" font family
by way of the kindly folks at paypal,
click on the following image...

fonts registered at paypal will be delivered directly to your computer within 24 hours....

questions, concerns, suggestions for future releases?

you can reach us at: