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CVS Information

B CVS Information

The information that follows is taken directly from the CVS database and is intended only to ease the translation of the book into LaTeX.

$Id: book.tex,v 1.5 2003/08/06 05:01:02 abg Exp $

$Log: book.tex,v $
Revision 1.5  2003/08/06 05:01:02  abg

Added (and debugged) the glossary.  Final big piece is in place.
Found out that my regexp for replacing the double quotes with \LaTeX quotes
was too greedy.  (Read: It did what I said, not what I meant.)  Built a
fixer that corrected the problem.
Fixed a few misspellings.
Removed the global sans-serif font directive now that I've seen how nice
pdflatex works.

Revision 1.4  2003/07/26 03:36:49  abg

Changed the default font to sans-serif to make it look better in PDFs.

This is not the font that is desired for actual book printing, it will
be removed for the 'book version' as well as the 'one-side' documenting.

Revision 1.3  2003/07/26 02:58:06  abg

Added a CVS chapter to the book to aid in version tracking.

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