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What is Belltown Cottage Park?

Site of the last 3 single family homes in downtown Seattle

City of Seattle Historic Landmarks

The heart of Belltown

All the above!


The Belltown Cottage Park is a new neighborhood park in downtown Seattle.
The Belltown Cottages are the last 3 buildings of a cluster of 11 that were constructed here on the Seattle Waterfront from 1906-1916. These are the last wooden frame, single family houses left in the downtown and represent a building style not seen again in Belltown after 1920.

The Cottage property, located adjacent to the Belltown P-Patch, was purchased December of 1998 by the City of Seattle following another round of spirited lobbying by the Belltown community. The 3 turn of the century Cottages were designated Seattle Landmarks the Spring 2000. They are the last of 11 homes on this 1/4 block and represent a residentual housing style that dominated the Seattle waterfront and Denny Regrade from the 1850's to the 1920's.
With a 1999 Matching Grant, the Friend's Cottage Park Planning Project conducted 18 months of outreach to the community to determine how the new park could be best developed. Belltown Cottage Park provides the neighborhood with an active open green space in the sun. The Cottages support the community with personal histories, and provide meeting and educational rooms. The Richard Hugo House Literary Center has located 2 writers in-residency using 2 Cottages, and the Friends of Belltown P-Patch assist in the operation of the 3rd Cottage for use as a neighborhood history site and community center.

Friends of Belltown P-Patch received a $200,000 Department of Neighborhood's Matching Grant for the renovation of the 3 Belltown Cottages and the creation of Belltown Cottage Park. The Cottage Steering Committee has supervised the renovation of the 3 Cottages and continues to develop the new Park area with Landscape Architect Peggy Gaynor. We expect completion of the Cottage renovation and Belltown's new Cottage Park during the Summer of 2004.

The resulting Cottage Park transforms a space that previously invited vandalism, drug dealing and petty crime, into a beautiful and useful addition for Seattle and the Belltown neighborhood. A destination point for anyone interested in enjoying open greenspace, as well as providing space for having a meeting, and interacting with the work of the Hugo House writers. The Cottage Park provides residents of Belltown open space among the massive scale of the new developments that have begun to characterize our neighborhood and a chance to appreciate the buildings of a previous era. If you have any questions feel free to contact us.

History of the Belltown Cottage Park Site:

Belltown fire, 1910

1916 Historical images2

The 6 original homes were advertised in 1916 as new Modern Cottages, Save Car Fare and Time. $16-18/month. Modern ment indoor plumbing and electricity. While "Modern" was an improvement over outhouses, wash basins and candles, and included a toilet, with a 4' tub, no shower, and overhead lightbulbs with a pull chain in each room. Heating was a coal or wood fired stove. Hot water and the electrical outlets weren't added until the 1940's. Saving car fare was not having to pay for a trolley ride from the then new neighboorhoods of Phiney Ridge and Green Lake to get to work on Seattle's bustling Waterfront. Kind of like the recent residentual development in Belltown to get people to live closer to their work. Seems like William Hainesworth was 90 years ahead of the times!

Renovation work at Belltown Cottage Park:

1998 Before Abatement and Renovation

Current progress:

NEW! Summer 2004 Updates on landscaping and completion of the 3rd Cottage.



June 2003 Painting more trim! The Landscaping in coming together and the pathways and faded cottage walls have been installed by Seattle Parks crews!

April_- May 2003 Painting trim! Things are looking great! The Landscaping and formwork for the pathways has begun!

March 2003 The crew contiues spreading paint on the interiors and cleans and paints trim. 7 new entry doors installed! Sink and tubs installed, kitchen cupboards ready for paint!

February 2003 The exterior siding get painted, then the crew begins spreading paint on the interiors.

Janurary 2003 The exterior siding is going on, the windows get reinstalled and the crew starts on the interiors

December 2002 Getting the roofs on before Christmas!

November 2002 getting started! New foundations, sewer, water and electrical get started

Read the Cottage Diary I, Cottage Diary II, Cottage Diary III, by Glenn MacGilvra, courtesy of the Denny Regrade's Belltown Paper.





Landscape Plan will create reminders of the missing Cottages that can be used as stage and seating. An ADA accessible path will wind down from the alley connecting the P-Patch and Cottages.




The footprints of the missing Cottages will be recreated as a plaza with the short concrete walls providing seating/terracing as you move up towards the alley. This view looks out from the 'stage'.

If you are interested in booking the Community Cottage for a small gathering contact Myke or Glenn. See Hugo House Literary site for information on applying for the Writers-in-Residency program.

Friends of Belltown P-Patch continues to seek donations of time and funding for the Park landscaping and future maintenance of the three 1916 Cottages. Please send your tax deductable neighborhood contribution today to:

Friends of Belltown P-Patch
a neighborhood 501(c)3
2516 Elliott Avenue, Seattle 98121

or contact:

Myke Woodwell
mykejw at
Glenn MacGilvra
glenn at

Funding assistance for Belltown Cottage Park from:

IntraCorp, King County, Seattle Parks Dept., Skyway Luggage, Seattle Foundation, Starbucks, RealNetworks, Triad, Ewing & Clark, the Belltown Business Association and many Belltown Neighbors! THANK YOU!!!

with a Seattle Department of Neighborhoods Matching Grant!

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