Belltown P-Patch Grand Opening

2520 Elliott Avenue

For information contact: Myke Woodwell, (509) 304.9848 or Glenn MacGilvra, (206) 726-8554

Belltown's Founding Gardeners

Opened May 25, 1995

The Belltown P-Patch is a community event for the entire city and region to celebrate the culmination of six years effort between community groups, the city and local businesses.

The Belltown P-Patch, an artistically designed collection of small gardens on a single urban lot at Elliott and Vine, is a one-of-a-kind public-private venture. The lot was one of several purchased with funds allocated through the 1989 voter-approved, $3.5-million Opportunity Fund. From there, a group of Belltown residents have spent more than 5,000+ volunteer hours toiling and tilling to fashion a breath of greenery amid the city landscape that attempts to reflect the creative nature of Belltown and its citizenry. It took years to work through the legal and property-ownership obstacles but the Belltown P-Patch will be the first downtown p-patch and the first p-patch that is part of the Seattle Parks Department system.

Some Seattle residents may be surprised at the look of the patch. Less than a year ago, it was largely a weeded, vine-covered lot distinguishable in the neighborhood only by its bareness. But in the last several months, p-patch farmers and artists have divided the plots, wound walkways through them, installed a solar fountain, constructed a wall, stairway and one-ton gothic gate, designed a pagoda shed with a bell tower, assembled a mosaic and spiced up the individual plots with some ornamental touches, ranging from a ceramic hedgehog to a music box.

The public is invited to visit and take a look at the small piece of well-tended land, which might help inspire other urban public-private partnership uses of green space and hope for humankind in general. Bring the kids and your folks.

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