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What is the Belltown P-Patch?

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The Belltown P-Patch is a working park in downtown Seattle.
There are 42 patches for use by neighborhood residents and workers. The Cottage garden and surrounding sidewalks are maintained by neighborhood volunteers, coordinated by the Friends of Belltown P-Patch. The Friends formed around the idea of transforming a vacant lot into a community garden and open space for the neighborhood.

The Belltown P-Patch is located on the Southeast corner of Elliott Avenue and Vine Street in downtownSeattle. The site was purchased by the City of Seattle in 1993 using funds provided through the 1989 Open Space Programs Opportunity Fund, a $3.5 million fund set aside for the acquisition of properties nominated by city neighborhoods. 133 properties were nominated. The cost of Seattle real estate only allowed forthe purchase of 12. After 3 years of lobbying efforts by the Friends of a Belltown P-Patch, the Elliott Avenue site was chosen for purchase as a community garden for the Belltown neighborhood.

The design and construction was done by the Friends of the Belltown P-Patch, with oversight by the Parks Department and the city's P-Patch Program. Construction was paid in part with money allocated to the Belltown P-Patch by the Holly Corporation as part of a neighborhood mitigation involving the gated alley between Western and Elliott and Wall and Battery, and a matching fund grant from the Department of Neighborhoods. The Friends of a Belltown P- Patch where able to save enough money after construction to provide the P-Patch with a small trust fund for ongoing maintenance. The initial design and construction phase was accomplished with over 5000 hours of community volunteer labor.

The Grand Opening Ceremony and Parade was held June 21st, 1995 to reward 6 years of effort by community members. It was co-sponsored by the Denny Regrade Business Association. Fairies attended in profusion.

The P-Patch has 40 garden plots ranging in size from 10x10 to 5 x 5. It also features a main path way so the general public can wander through and admire the gardens. Artistic installations include: a cross-sectional vegetable fence, a gothic entry gate built by traditional blacksmithing techniques and a water fountain powered by sunshine.

The Friends of Belltown P-Patch meet the third Monday of each month a the Community Cottage, April through September, and always welcome newmembers.


Belltown P-Patch Grand Opening 1995

The Grand Opening was held the Summer Solstice 1995. Trolls and fairies were seen parading the street while spirited musicains played in the parking lots. Following the official ribbon cutting, drag queens with parasols gave guided tours of the P-Patch. Oh happy day!

'Public Art Projects'

Laurie Dunlap, Seattle Dept. of Neighborhoods

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Renovation History

2516 Elliott Avenue @ Vine Street
The adjacent Cottage property was purchased December of 1998 by the City of Seattle following another round of spirited lobbying by the neighborhood. The 3 turn of the century Cottages were designated Seattle Landmarks the Spring 2000. They are the last of 11 homes on this site and represent a residentual housing style that dominated the waterfront and Denny Regrade from the 1850’s to the 1920’s.
With a 1999 Matching Grant, the Friend’s Cottage Park Planning Project conducted 18 months of outreach to the community to determine how the new park can be best developed. Cottage Park will provide the neighborhood with an active open space in the sun. The Cottages will support the community with personal histories, meeting and educational rooms. The Richard Hugo House Literary Center will locate 2 writers in-residency to assist with security and the operation of the community center.
Friends recieved a $200,000 Department of Neighborhood's Matching Grant towards the renovation of the 3 Belltown Cottages and the creation of Belltown Cottage Park. The Steering Committee is continuing to develop a complete set of construction documents and expect to complete the Cottage renovation the Summer of 2002.
Friends continues to seek donations of time and funding for the Park landscaping and rehabilatation of the three 1916 Cottages. Contributions will be matched by a Neighborhood Matching Grant. Please send your tax deductable neighborhood contribution today to:

Friends of Belltown P-Patch
2516 Elliott Avenue, Seattle 98121

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Growing Vine Street

Cistern Steps Green Street Improvement Project

The Growing Vine Street Cistern Steps are located on the south side of Vine Street between Elliott Avenue and Western Avenue adjacent to the Belltown P-Patch. The Cistern Steps are primarily on the southern edge of the Vine Street right-of-way and will connect into an existing rockery located on the Belltown P-Patch property.

During the last seven years, a diverse group of Belltown residents, organized as the Growing Vine Street Project and united in civic spirit, have brought the neighborhood together to design and begin building a Green Street on Vine.

For more on Growing Vine Street visit:



Friends of the Belltown P-Patch
a neighborhood 501(c)3 non-profit organization
2516 Elliott Avenue Seattle, Washington 98121

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