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"Any fool can make a white dwarf." - Icko Iben, Jr.


Chandra X-ray Observatory Center (CXC)

Welcome to the Chandra Xray Observatory Center!!!

Chandra X-ray Observatory News


Discussion Groups

Astrophysics Web Forum

AstroPlace, The Place for Astronomy on the WWW



Center for Astrophysical Research in Antarctica

Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics

Laboratory for Computataional Astrophysics, NCSA

Max-Planck-Institut für Astrophysik, Garching

NASA Astrophysics Division

Theoretical Astrophysics at LANL

Theoretical Astrophysics at U. of Arizona


Nuclear Astrophysics Links

Big Bang Nucleosynthesis -- Java Calculator v1.1

Nuclear Astrophysics Data

Photo Archive in Nuclear Astrophysics

Program in Atomic and Molecular Astrophysics



Annual Review of Astronomy and Astrophysics

The Astrophysical Journal and Supplement Series

The Asympotic Giant Branch newsletter

Celestial Mechanics and Dynamical Astronomy

Crab Nebula - The Movie

Delta Scuti Star Newsletter

The Electronic Astrophysical Journal Letters

Full-texts of Astronomical Publications

Los Alamos Astrophysics Archive

NASA Technical Report Server (NTRS)

NASA TechTracS



Binary Black Hole Home Page

The Cactus Code Server

Center for Gravitational Physics and Geometry, PSU

Center for Relativity Related Organizations/WWW Sites

Computational Toolkit for Numerical Relativity

Grand Challenge Alliance

The GRTensor Home Page

Larry Smarr's Home Page

Lecture Notes on General Relativity

Living Reviews in Relativity

Modern Relativity

NCSA/LCA-Potsdam-WashU International Numerical Relativity Group home page

NCSA Relativity Group VRML Page

Pittsburgh Relativity Group Home Page

Queen's University Astronomy Research Group Home Page

Swinburne Astrophysics and Supercomputing Group

UT Austin, Center for Relativity Home Page

UWM Relativity Home Page

UWM Relativity Software Server

Washington University Gravity Group (WUGRAV)


Resources on the Web

Astroflow GUI Project

Astroflow Homepage

A Guide to Astronomy Resources and Organizations

Astronomy and Astrophysics Section of the Physics Dept.

Astronomy HyperTextbook: Stellar Evolution

Astrophysics Data Facility

Fundamental Physical Constants from NIST

Laboratory for Computataional Astrophysics, NCSA (FTP Site)

Los Alamos E-Print Archive

Martindale's: Astrophysics & Space Science

The NASA Astrophysics Data System Home Page - Physics, Science, Engineering Reference, Resource and Education

Science@NASA - NASA Space Science News

Univ. of Oregon Physics WEB Server

The WWW Virtual Library: Astronomy and Astrophysics


Solar Astrohpysics

Global Oscillation Network Group

Lockeed Martin Solar and Astrophysical Laboratory

NASA/Marshall Solar Physics

Solar Terrestrial Dispatch Homepage

Standard Solar Model for Solar Neutrino Research

Stanford SOLAR Center


Space Science

Space Plasma Physics Groups

Today's Space Weather


Stellar Atmoshperes

Cloudy and Associates, Photoionization Simulations

Homepage of Peter H. Hauschildt

Home Page for Robert L. Kurucz

TLUSTY Home Page


Stellar Dynamics

N-Body/Particle Simulation Methods

NEMO - A Stellar Dynamics Toolbox

Scott Tremaine's home page

University of Edinburgh N-Body Seminar

Welcome to Starlab


Stellar Structure and Evolution

Aarhus Adiabatic Pulsation Package

A New Numerical Approach for the Treatment of Stellar Structure and Evolution

A Study of the Fundamental Properties of M-giant Stars

CESAM: A code for stellar evolution calculations

Codes and Tools (Astro 206 at Harvard U)


The Hydrogen Main Sequence Calculator - A Java Applet

KIS Solar Evolution Code

Lecture Notes on Stellar Oscillations

NASA's Observatorium: Stellar Evolution and Death

The OPAL Opacity Code

Padova Stellar Evolutionary Tracks and Isochrones

Research Activity in Stellar Evolution at LAOG

Standard Solar Model for Solar Neutrino Research

Stellar Evolution Database

Stellar Evolution on PC

Stellar Evolution on PC (Alternate Site)

Stellar Evolution Modelling Software

Stellar Evolutionary Tracks

Stellar Evolution and the ISM (some papers)

Stellar Evolution: The Life and Death of Our Luminous Neighbor

University of Victoria Department of Physics and Astronomy Public Documents

Welcome to the Paczynski Stellar Evolution Programs


Supernovae Links

List of Supernova Pages on the WWW

Supernovae Research Home Page


Textbook-Related Sites

" An Introduction to Modern Astrophysics " Homepage


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