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"The purpose of computing is insight not numbers."

- Richard W. Hamming


Computational Physics

Computational Physics

Computational Physics at Carleton University

Computational Physics Course at Oregon State U

Computational Physics Homepage at Michigan State U

An Introduction to Computational Physics

Introduction to Computational Physics (NMSU)

Numerical Methods for Physics


Computational Science and Engineering Conferences

First SIAM Conference on Computational Science and Engineering

International Conference on Scientific Computations and Differential Equations

MATHML Conference 2000: October 20-21

SC 2000: High Performance Networking and Computing Conference

10th SIAM Conference on Parallel Processing for Scientific Computing


Computational Science and Engineering Sites

Computational Science Education Project Home Page (Prime)

Computational Science Education Project Home Page (Mirror Site)

Institute for Computer Applications in Science and Engineering (ICASE)

IEEE Computer Society: ParaScope

Intensive Course on Computational Science 1998

The Internet Pilot to Physics (TIPTOP)

UCES: Undergraduate Computational Engineering & Science Project

Welcome to the German Scientific Computing Home Page.


Computational Science Software

A Brief Introduction to the Scalable Modeling System (SMS)

Argonne National Laboratory Computational Differentiation Project

Astronomy and numerical software source codes


Boundary Value Problem (BVP) Software by Ross Wright and Jeff Cash

The Cactus Code Server

Computers in Physics

Computational Physics Communications Program Library

CUPS Project: Consortium for Upper Level Physics Software

CWI - Mathematics and Computer Science

DAEPACK, A Symbolic and Numeric Library for Open Modeling

DOE 2000 ACTS Toolkits Support Site

Engineering Software Database - Home Page




MPCCI - Meshed based Parallel Code Coupling Interface

NSCEE Home Page

National HPCC Software Exchange (NHSE)

NetSolve Home Page

NIST Math and Computational Science Division Software

Numerical Objects: Software for Finite Element Analysis and Partial Differential Equations

PDESOL Home Page

Problem Solving Environments Home Page

Psychedelic FEA

Spherical Harmonic Study Index

SWIFT, Solar System Integration Package


Tom Loredo's Computing Bookmarks



Yorick Packages


Discussion Lists

comp-fortran-90 discussion list



ASCI/Alliances, Center for Astrophysical Thermonuclear Flashes

Boston U., Center for Computational Science

Center for Advanced Engineering Environments

Center for Computational Methods - Laboratory for Partial Differential Equations

Computational Sciences Division Groups and Projects (NASA Ames)

Center for Computational Mathematics and Applications (PSU)

Center for Computational Science, Boston University

CCLRC - Computational Science and Engineering Department

Computational Science & Engineering Homepage (FSU)

Computational Science and Engineering, University of California at Santa Barbara

Computational Science and Engineering (UIUC)

Computational Sciences at George Mason University

Center for Research on Parallel Computation (CRPC)

Department of Computational Science - SUNY Brockport

EPCC Home Page

Extreme! Computing

The Geometry Center Welcome Page

Institute for Computer Applications in Science & Engineering (ICASE)

Institute for High Performance Computing Applications at Penn State University

National MetaCenter for Computational Science and Engineering

Joint Institute for Computational Science

Laboratory for Computational Astrophysics

Mathematics and Computer Science Division at Argonne Natl Lab

ITL Mathematical and Computational Sciences Division at NIST

NASA Center for Computational Sciences

NOAA/FSL/AD Advanced Computing Branch

ORNL Computational Physics and Engineering Division

ORNL Center for Computational Sciences

Scientific Computing Division at NCAR

Scientific Computation Research Center at RPI

Swinburne Astrophysics and Supercomputing Group

UCLA's Appleseed Project

Va Tech - Lab for Scientific Visual Analysis

Welcome to the Alliance


Fortran and Fortran-related Sites

Absoft Fortran

Alan Miller's Primary Web Page

Comparison of C++ and Fortran 90 for Object-Oriented Scientific Programming

European Standards For Writing and Documenting Exchangeable Fortran 90 Code

Expert Mainframe to PC Fortran Code Conversion and Software Development

Fortran FAQ

Fortran - Lahey Computer Systems, Inc.

Fortran Library

Fortran Market

Fortran Resources

Fortran Software for Multiple Precision Arithmetic

Fortran Tutorials

Fortran 90 for the Fortran 77 Programmer

Fortran 90 HTML Course - Detailed Notes

Fortran 90 and 95 Home Page: Ian Chivers & Jane Sleightholme

Fortran90 Links

Fortran 90 Notes

f90gl: Fortran interface for OpenGL and GLUT

FORTRAN 90 vs C++ - An Educational Perspective

Fortran 90/95 Texts and Links

Fortran Resources (Lahey Computer Systems) -- All About Fortran

Foundations of Computational Mathematics

High Performance Fortran Applications (HPFA)

HPF: The High Performance Fortran Home Page

John Burkardt's FORTRAN Source Codes List

The Liverpool HPC Project Home Page

The Liverpool Fortran 90 Course Home Page

The Linux Fortran Information Page

MAN T&EC Fortran 90 Course Material

Mathematica to High Performance Fortran

Michael Metcaff's Fortran 90 CNL Articles

Michel Olagnon's Fortran 90 List

Mixed Language Programming Using C++ and Fortran 77

Task Parallelism and Fortran

The NEW High Performance Fortran Forum Home Page

Numerical methods for Fortran programmers

Object Oriented Fortran 90 Programming

Open Directory - Computers: Programming: Languages: Fortran

Other Fortran Resources

Resources for Learning Fortran 90

Skip Knoble's Fortran Links

Variable Precision Arithmetic

Welcome To Purple Sage Computing Solutions, Inc.



ASCI, the Accelerated Strategic Computing Initiative - at LANL

ASCI, the Accelerated Strategic Computing Initiative - at LLNL

ASCI, the Accelerated Strategic Computing Initiative - at Sandia


Java Programming Language

Combining Java and Fortran: An Incomplete Primer

Full Index for Basic Introduction to Java to be used in (Scientific) Computing

Introductory Java for Scientists and Engineers

JAMA: Java Matrix Package

Java Grande Home Page

Java for Scientific Computing

Java Numerics


Numerical Analysis Sites

Books on Numerical Analysis

Consortium of ODE Experiments

Electronic Journal of Differential Equations

Electronic Transactions on Numerical Analysis (ETNA)

FAQ: Numerical Analysis & Associated Fields Resource Guide

FSU Math - Math WWW VL: Specialized Fields: Numerical Analysis Page

Mathematical Modeling

Mathematics of Computation

Numerical Analysis at PSU

Tomasz Plewa's Numerical Methods Site


Numerical Software

A Portable High Performance Multiprecision Package

Berkeley Madonna

Boeing: Mathematics and Computing Technology - Software

Computational Mathematics Software at JPL

Computational PDEs Unit: SPRINT Software

Electronic Library for Mathematical Software

GAMS: Guide to Available Mathematical Software

The GNU Scientific Library

HiQ Home Page

HotGAMS Home page

HP Mathematical Software Library (MLIB)

HSL Archives

IMSL FORTRAN Libraries Numerical Library Modules

JPL Math Library for Fortran77

LiveMath Main Page

Math à la Carte, Inc.

MathEngine Physics Engine and Collision Detection

MathView On Line

MathTensor, Inc. Home Page

MathType Home Page

MathSource: The Library of Mathematica-Related Materials

Mathematics Resources (Caltech)

Mathematical Software Index (FSU)

MGNet Home Page

MGNet Codes

Multiprecision Software Directory

MuPAD - Home Page

NA-Net Home Page

Netlib Repository

Netlib Repository (New Jersey, USA Site)

NetMath A Web Computation Engine

NIST Mathematical and Computational Sciences Division Software

Non-JPL Sources of Mathematical Software

NSWC Library of Mathematics Subroutines (German Site)

The Numerical Algorithms Group, Inc.

Numerical Methods (PSU)

Numerical Recipes Home Page

Numerical Techniques and Links

Numerit: Mathematical & Scientific Computing - Numerical Programming

Numeritek Website

The ODEtools Package

Octave Home Page

PETSc: The Portable, Extensible Toolkit for Scientific Computation

PORT Mathematical Subroutine Library

REDUCE Home Page

The REDLOG Home Page

Visual Numerics Home Page

A Numerical Library for Java - JNL from Visual Numerics

Waterloo Maple Home Page

Why not use Numerical Recipes?

Wolfram Research


Programming Languages and Operating Systems

CODE Visual Parallel Programming System

Linux for Astronomy CD-ROM Project

Programming Languages and Scientific Data Management Home Page

Scientific Applications on Linux

The Scientific Forth Library Project


Python Programming Language

Download Python for Macintosh

Jack's MacPython Page

Python Language Website

LLNL Python Extensions (a.k.a. Numerical Python)

LLNL Python Distribution

Pyfort -- The Python-Fortran connection tool

Python and Scientific Computation




Welcome to HPCwire, the Text-On-Demand E-Zine for High Performance Computing

World Scientific Publishing Company


Reports and Publications

Collection of Software Bugs

Contents of Tranactions on Mathematical Software (TOMS)

GC-Generalized Communication Users Guide

IEEE Computing in Science and Engineering

Journal of Computational Physics


Web Resources


Graduate Education for Computational Science and Engineering (SIAM Working Group on CSE Education)

Home Page: Differential Equations: Graphics, Models, Data - by Lomen and Lovelock

Eric Weisstein's World of Mathematics

Handbook of Differential Equations

High Performance Scientific Computing FTP Site

Introduction to Ordinary Differential Equations with Mathematica

Home Page of Dr Ch. Tsitouras

Home Page of Ernst Hairer

Home Page of Fred Krogh

Home Page of Dr. John H. Mattews

Home Page of Dr. Joseph L. Zachary

Home Page of Philip Sharp

Home Page of Stephen Nash

Los Alamos E-Print Archive

Mathematics Information Servers at PSU

Math 306/606: Mathematical Modeling

Mathematics Metasearch Machine

Mathematics References at NetK2NE

National Network in Applied Mathematics

Scientific Computing FAQ: S.C., Numerical Analysis, and Associated Fields Resource Guide

Scientific Computing World - The Global Resource for Scientists Who Rely on Computing

Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics

VRML.CALCULS.NET - Virtual Reality & Calculus

WebMathNews: Plugins Reviews

Welcome to The Electronic Library of Science (TELOS)


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