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"The purpose of computing is insight not numbers."

- Richard W. Hamming


Apple Web Sites

Apple Computer

Apple Computer Products: QuickTime

Apple Developer - Java

Apple Developer - OpenGL on the Macintosh

Apple - Products - Mac OS - Java

Apple - QuickTime - Developers

Brian's QD3D Modifications

Graphics 3D

Introduction to QuickDraw 3D

The Macintosh Advantage

Mac OS 8 and 9 Developer Documentation

Mac OS 8 and 9 Developer Documentation: QuickDraw 3D

Macintosh Programmer's Workshop

Technical Documentation and Publications

3D Graphics Programming with QuickDraw 3D 1.5.4

Welcome to Open Transport


Graphical User Interfaces

FaceSpan Software - By Digital Technology International


TransSkel -- A Macintosh Application Development Framework


Graphics Software for the Mac

Cosmo Software


Curvus Pro

Fly Through

Galactomatic-1000 Home Page

GMH Engineering Products: MIG-Pro Description

Gnuplot for Macintosh

The GRAFIC Package

Hypercosm, Inc.

Iconographics Design

IntegrityWare, Inc. Home Page - NURBS Toolkits - Curve, Surface, Trimmed Surface, and Solids Geometry

Macintosh Gnuplot Page



The Mesa 3D Graphics Library

Mesa-3D Graphics Library for MacOS

MicroFrontier, Inc. - Image Editing Software


The Official Plush 3D Page

Official POV-Ray Mac OS Web Site

OpenGL - High Performance 2D/3D Graphics

OpenGL for the Macintosh by Conix

PLplot Home Page

POV-Ray - the Persistence of Vision Raytracer


Software for Science - Scientific, Engineering and Technical Software

Software visualization and algorithm animation with Leonardo

3D WEB - dedicated 3D directory

Totally Hip Software - the source for Interactive QuickTime solutions for the Internet.


Vertigo Software

VOGL (Graphics Library)

VR Camera

The VRML Repository

WaveMetrics Home Page


Welcome to the Home of SuperSoft

zap technologies (twirl)


Hardware Links

Accelerate Your Macintosh! News Page

Alps Electric (USA), Inc.

Global Village Communication, Inc - Mail a Mac, Link Mall and more

M a c C P U : G3 upgrade cards

The MacOS Buyer's Guide

MacOS Eggs: your one-stop news source for latest news info

HAL Corporation

The HAL9000 Interface


Mac and Mac-related E-zines

Welcome to MacAddict

MacCom Online - free monthly Mac e-mail publication

MacNut: Ezine Different!

MacsRULE - A Macintosh Ezine

MacTech Magazine

SemperMac - The Macintosh Portal & Magazine


Mac Freeware/Shareware Sites

Always Apple-The UK Mac Web Site

The Clip Art Connection

CLIXSOUNDS - Premier Pro-Macintosh Sounds - Downloads - Mac


File Mine -- Dig Our Downloads of Shareware, Games and Commercial Demos

Galactic Dreams Software Homepage

The Iconfactory: Quality Freeware Icons For Your Mac

IconsPLUS - Comic Book, Sci-fi, TV and Movie Desktop Icons

Info-Mac Archive Mirror Site

Insanely Great Mac - Software Mirror

Just Mac Software

Kay Hall's Web Site

Mac Lover's Holy Land

Macintosh Internet Applications - The Mac Orchard

Mac Software

The Macintosh Software Catalog

MediaBuilder: Animation Factory Free Animated GIF Library

NONAGS Freeware/Shareware World Center


Welcome to Lemke Software

Welcome to TUCOWS

ZDNet Macintosh Software Library


Mac and Mac-related User Groups

MacSciTech Users Association

Welcome to the SciTech Computing Association


MacOS and MkLinux Sites

Mac OS Rumors

MacOS Web Directory

MkLinux: Linux for the Power Macintosh


Mac Support Sites

Apple Macintosh Evangelism and Advocacy | Scripting News | Latest Osax | Scripting Examples

Creative Mac - News, Tools and Techniques for Savvy Creative Professionals

Free Mac Classifieds

Mac Discussion Lists

Jon's MacLand Home Page

Macinstein's Mac Only Search Engine

Mac Fixit

Welcome to MacMade Homepage

MacInTouch Home Page

The Source for Mac Info

Macintosh Web Sites

Mac Tips from the Macintosh Guy


MacNN: The Macintosh News Network


Mac Web Development

Made with Macintosh

No Wonder! Computer Support

Obscure Mac: Macintosh Software


The ULTIMATE Macintosh

VersionTracker - Macintosh Software Updates

Welcome to MacBookshop

Welcome To MacMarines


Math and Science Software for the Mac

Andromeda Software, Inc. Home Page

Berkeley Madonna

Graphing Calculator

GrafEq Home


LiveMath - from Theorist Interactive

MacOS Web Directory (Scientific)

Mac Mission Control

Macintosh Nuclear Physics Resources

Welcome to MacShareWare! Your Resource for Math & Science Shareware

Maris Multimedia Product - RedShift 3

Maris Multimedia Product - Solar System Explorer




MathType Home Page


MuPAD Home Page

OATS (Orbit Analysis Tools Software) Home Page

PCs in Space

Piranha Interactive - Planetary Missions


QuantumSoft and pro Fit Home Page

Research Systems Inc.

SciSpy: Science Data Central

SETI@home: Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence at Home

SOAP: Satellite Orbit Analysis Program

TCU Mac Geological Software

WebEQ from Geometry Technologies


Other E-zines

Slashdot:News for Nerds. Stuff that Matters.

TechSightings: Daily, High-Tech Web Sights


POWER Mac Projects

UCLA's AppleSeed Project


Programming Language Sites

Absoft Fortran


JavaScript Graph Builder

Macintosh C

Mac F2C Home Page

MacStandard Basic

True BASIC Information Center

Macintosh Programmer's Link Library

Mac Programming Language - Omicron BASIC for Apple PPC - Macintosh.

The MOST: The Mac OS Students and Teachers

REAL Basic

STAZ Software - Home of FutureBASIC^3 -- The Greatest Macintosh Basic Programming Language Ever Created!


Python Programming Language

Download Python for Macintosh

Jack's MacPython Page

Python Language Website

LLNL Python Extensions (a.k.a. Numerical Python)

LLNL Python Distribution

Pyfort -- The Python-Fortran connection tool

Python and Scientific Computation



Software Tools for the Mac

Adobe Systems Incorporated

Aladdin Systems: StuffIt compression and other internet tools & utilities

Alpha Home Page

Cache Killer Home Page

CMacTeX 3.2

Welcome to Connectix

DataViz: File Conversion, Synchronization and more!

Ghostscript, Ghostview and GSview

Mac's Diner - Your Essential Guide to Macintosh Software

Mac Port of Ghostscript

Macintosh TeX/LaTeX Software Page

MPEG Video Viewer Test Page

Nisus Software

ramBunctious Introduction - "The Complete Resource for All Web Builders"

RealNetworks, The Home of RealAudio


Symantec's United States Homepage

Time and Calender programs for the Macintosh

Download a VivoActive Player

Walnut Creek CDROM


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