Elizabeth Willis

The Human Abstract

     iv. a few stones for Lorine Niedecker
     This I is an idyll
     I captured the first day
     the office between 
     the leaf and the external
     Landlord, I said again
     you can't move a river really
     yet with no apparent music
     my face would pass
     what bird would light
     in a moving tree?
     the tree I carry
     what is the use
     if her beauty goes
     wasted on me
     I said to my head
     I live unburied
     I am standing up
     In your city
     I do as your people
     This nonsense has left me
     unruled by examples
     you Echo
     you blade of grass
     The egg is not by nature
     better than the full crow
     I am every kind of stone
     but one
     What I know was divided
     by the weather of others
     There's a kind of electricity
     a fire in the first snow
     A mine from the perspective of an owner
     a mine as labor
     I left my baby in Forest A.
     (deeper, more mountainous)
     the continent submerges at a distance
     Death wrote a poem and I lost it
     smaller than anger
     larger than my head
     my head filled with snow
     "We build this house"
     and then we live in it
     Against this house I always hammering
     the green of a fountain
     the original honor of the thing
     Measured by message
     I had a round of distance
     till a city found me
     A tinny betrayal of origin
     (not stealthy not stone)
     The eyebright in season
     and not the storm between
     I'm late and come adrift

Copyright © 1995 Elizabeth Willis

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