Elizabeth Willis

The Relation of the Lion to the Book is the Number 5

     Begin at the beginning
     There was a spoiled woman
     Hold her there
     Go back to the woman
     Hold her there a while
     Go back to the pillar of salt now
     Your message is also the face of your message
     violated and arranged
     respired and arranged there
     The belief in a body
     Shape of a blue vial
     Outside the pigeon a green still exists
     The pattern is according to a thought I imagine you to have
     Gate is the last thing
     A mark's maiming
     Her at a time when the body is gone
     At the beginning was a whir
     The island came later in thought
     The number five was there
     in the beginning, a kind of velocity
     Eros slip was the letter B before beginning
     hence fallen through
     silent A of its aureole

Copyright © 1995 Elizabeth Willis

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