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Data and Algorithms are not Aware. Time is an Invention of Awareness.

Personal Information

I read my email continuously 60% of the time, and x1/2 days, 95% of the time. Please call me at 206.427.2545 (answer 50% of the time,) or decipher this () to get that email address. There are no service level guarantees. Please call, texting me a few minutes before-hand announcing intentions (if possible -- it makes it much more likely I will answer;) I am a "phone person," and I am interrupt driven.

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Where is Lion?


I have worked on a number of Internet projects. These days, I work more offline than on, but here are some of my Internet projects:

2006scratch.pyA small Python program that makes it easy to publish Python modules to the web as mini web applications.
2006findit.pyA small Python program that makes it easy to find tagged ideas and tagged files.
2004-2006Local NamesLong term project, to make a system for naming web addresses (URIs).
~2004?AutoXmlRpcServerYou write a Python module with a bunch of functions in it. Plop this little module in the same directory, run it, and now all the functions you wrote are published by XML-RPC!
~2004?AutoXmlRpcCgiCGI version of the AutoXmlRpcServer.
~2003How to Make a Complete Map of Every Thought You ThinkA book I wrote on keeping notes
~2003?Escape of the UnicornA game I worked on with Jaceck & Justnya who live in Europe: Fly a unicorn through a dangerous side-scrolling maze. I made several animations, wrote most tools for making maps and defining game content, wrote in-game object simulation, and a pathing system.
~1999?BumpRaceMy first OpenSource project. I added particle effects, Karl Bartel accepted them and made them part of the release!
2001?-2007CommunityWikiI do (did) a lot of writing on CommunityWiki. Some major contributions based around the idea of OneBigSoup, the HiveMind, and PlainTalk.