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With Spike


Portrait of the artist as a young lowlife


Peter Costantini
Ecce Homeboy

WTO, December 1999

NAFTA, January 1999

Mexico, May 1998

Nicaragua, October 1996

Haiti, December 1995

Peter Costantini was born in the Bronx a long time ago and has yet to recover. He lives in Seattle and thinks a lot about remodeling his basement and garage. Occasionally he actually does something about it. In his dotage, he has become an animist, worshipping Spike, his deceased feline companion of 18 years, as his household god.

In his spare time, he writes about Latin America, international labor issues, and the social implications of technology for MSNBC News, magazines, weekly and daily papers, and Inter Press Service, an international newswire based in Rome.

Immediate family

  • Tootsie Roll, el gatísimo, y los gatitos Shiva, Diva and José
  • Zoë, 6th-grade mordant wit, rhythmic gymnast, violinist, and soon-to-be-discovered karaoke starlet
  • Dr. Linda, Goddess of Clouds and Light and geographer to the stars

Favorite object of meditation

  • The worm at the bottom of the mezcal bottle.

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