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by Peter Costantini

Last year I published two stories on Mexico:

Mexico's vanishing peasants
The first segment of the MSNBC News series Bitter Harvest. A multi-media site on Oaxaca, coffee and emigration, with photographs by Linda Becker.
This main story includes links to the following sidebars:
Keeping them down on the farm
Why people emigrate from the Mexican countryside.
Coffee: Oaxaca's lifeblood
A key crop for keeping small farmers on their land.
Oaxaca, Chiapas: Two states apart
A dust bowl versus a plantation economy.
Slide show: A day in the life of don Pedro
How a small Oaxacan coffee farmer makes a living.
Interactive graphic: The route to El Norte
The long road from Oaxaca northward.
Listening to the old stones of Oaxaca
A meditation on some indigenous answers to the painful conundrums confronting Mexico as it moves towards greater democracy. Sintonía is an online journal of the University of Guadalajara

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Peter Costantini writes about Latin America, labor and technology issues for MSNBC News, Inter Press Service, and other news outlets.