Photo Gallery 2003 | 2004
November 1, 2003--Doug Nufer and Leonard Schwartz
Leonard Schwartz (left) Doug Nufer (right)

Doug Nufer

October 1, 2003--Jacqueline Waters and Donna Stonecipher
Jacqueline Waters
Jacqueline Waters

Donna Stonecipher
Donna Stonecipher

September 3, 2003--David Perry and C.E. Putnam
David Perry
David Perry in Pattern perhaps mesh?

C.E. Putnam
C.E. Putnam in Orange

August 06, 2003--Joe Donahue and Peter O'Leary
Joe Donahue

Peter O'Leary

May 06, 2003--Rae Armantrout and David Bromige
David Bromige

Rae Armantrout

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