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presented by: Keith Sonnanburg, Ph.D.

Clinical Psychologist

For General Audiences (*G)

For Professional Audiences (*P)

Boost Your Self-Esteem (*G) Can DSM-IV Be of Use to You (for Primary Health Care Providers) (*P)
Coping with Changes (*G) DSM IV Better or IV Worse? (*P)
Emotions and Your Health (*G) Dual Diagnosis Clients (*P)
Growing Beyond Co-Dependence (*G) Sexual Dysfunctions (for Primary Health Care Providers) (*P)
Improving Your Sports Performance (*G) Spirituality and Clinical Work (*P)
Living with Illness (*G) Treating "Resistant" Clients (*P)
Resolving Conflict (*G) A Clinician in Search of a Science (*P)
What Is Mental Illness? (*G) A Clinician's Theory: Ripe for Research (*P)
Peace of Mind (*G)

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