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Sources for this site

What's wrong with the WTO?
Sources for this site

Many books, publications and Web sites have served as references for this site. I've confined the list below to just a few of the most important for understanding the World Trade Organization.

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Of particular interest

This site owes a huge debt to:

This is an essential book for understanding the WTO. It covers the organization, treaties, important cases, and effects on the world with insight, deep context, and extensive footnotes. Wallach is the director and Sforza is a staff member of Public Citizen Global Trade Watch in Washington, DC.

The following books have also proven invaluable:

  • Sarah Anderson, ed. Views from the South. San Francisco: Food First Books & International Forum on Globalization, 2000. 194 pp.
    Features pieces by Martin Khor, Vandana Shiva, Walden Bello, Oronto Douglas, Sara Larrain, and Anuradha Mittal, along with a forward by Jerry Mander.
  • Debi Barker & Jerry Mander. Invisible Government. The World Trade Organization: Global Government for the New Millennium? San Francisco: International Forum on Globalization, October 1999. 45 pp.
    A briefer primer on the WTO and its effects published by the International Forum on Globalization, which organized two days of educational workshops at the Seattle Ministerial.
  • Kevin Danaher & Roger Burbach, editors. Globalize This! The Battle Against the World Trade Organization and Corporate Rule. Monroe, ME: Common Courage Press, 2000. 218 pp.
    A wide-ranging anthology put together shortly after the Seattle Ministerial.

These publications and Web sites also provide excellent information on the WTO and related issues:

The WTO's own Web site is also an indispensible information source.

Special thanks to the designers of the WTO site, whose graphics and layout I have shamelessly stolen and adapted.

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For more information

For sources for each page, see the Resources section on that page.

For a full list of sources and relevant links for this site and The Teargas Ministerial, see:

I welcome recommendations of further useful sources of information and suggestions for this site.

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By Peter Costantini ~ Seattle ~ November 2001

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