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About the author

What's wrong with the WTO?
About the author

Peter Costantini covered the 1999 Seattle Ministerial of the World Trade Organization for Inter Press Service, a newswire based in Rome.

The Seattle-based journalist has also written about Latin America, international economics, development, and technology for MSNBC News and other news providers around the world.

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Some of his other writings include:

  • The Tear Gas Ministerial
    Stories for Inter Press Service and photos from the 1999 WTO battle in Seattle
  • NAFTA and after
    A series written for Inter Press Service on the fifth anniversary of the North American Free Trade Agreement in 1999
  • Mexico 1998
    "Mexico's vanishing peasants," a multi-media site on Oaxaca, coffee and emigration produced as part of the MSNBC News series "Bitter Harvest" and "Listening to the old stones of Oaxaca," a meditation on indigenous traditions and democracy.
  • Nicaragua
    An MSNBC News multi-media piece on the proposed Nicaraguan "dry canal," coverage of the 1996 elections, and "An American tragedy," an essay published by New Internationalist magazine.
  • Haiti 1995
    Coverage of the 1995 Haitian elections for Inter Press Service and other news outlets.
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