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What's wrong with the WTO?
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What's wrong with the WTO?

The WTO's Bill of Wrongs

You cannot restrict trade in a good based on how it is produced.

You must use the 'least trade-restrictive' method—not the most effective one—to protect people and the environment.

You must first prove a substance dangerous before restricting its use.

You must lower national standards if they are higher than international standards.

You must treat life forms and life-saving drugs as commodities.

You must deregulate and privatize essential public services.

You cannot use trade policy to encourage development in poor countries.

You must subordinate human rights to free trade.

The WTO v. democracy

WTO processes favor big business and rich countries.

The WTO resolves disputes unfairly behind closed doors.

Visions of change

Alternative paths to fairer trade rules



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By Peter Costantini ~ Seattle ~ November 2001

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